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Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
en la penumbra 2012 14 full hd fiction film noir juanlu moreno somé ildefonso ortega

Jesus is a private detective who must find Eva, a girl who he had a relationship with, to protect her from her past.

reencuentro 2013 14 full hd fiction fantastic drama juanlu moreno somé lachambre producciones

Mario and Gonzalo are father and son, haven´t seen each other for years. Now both will have to settle pending issues from the past, issues that Gonzalo doesn´t forgive from his father, and himself.

los ocultos 2014 2 full hd fiction terror juanlu moreno somé lachambre producciones

Sandra has been looking for his brother Jorge for 5 years, a track will take to his whereabouts, Sandra unknows who started the journey to find “The Hidden”.

last memory 2015 9 4k fiction terror juanlu moreno somé lachambre producciones & caleidoscopio films

John goes every day to find food for Laura. She is hungry, everyday more…

dime que sí 2016 4 full hd fiction musical comedy juanlu moreno somé juan luis moreno somé

A shy and reserved girl finds how to declare his love to a guy who doesn´t know anything, but always see at the mall. Which will be his answer? Will he say yes?