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David León Vega

David León Vega

Title Year Duration Format Gender subgender Management Production Synopsis
simple. el cuerpo importa 2016 70´ digital documentary dance david león vega david león vega

Dance, art Intrinseco to the human being who performs us as people, is a mystery that seduces any sensitive spirit. Looking at it with the obsession of a lover who, when approached, knows himself, in an attempt to decipher it turned to the investigation, encerrandome days to speak of my beloved with her, I discovered his body, which were three: athletic, Pícnico and Leptosómatico, and each time showed A temperament as a serpierte: Choleric, Canguíneo, melancholic and lymphatic.

danza de los temperamentos 2017 70´ digital fiction dance david león vega david león vega

Research of the dance according to the Corporal Typologies, in relation to the temperament.